Mello Music Group: Bushido (Stream)

As reported a few weeks ago, Mello Music Group have put together a compilation featuring a whole bunch of new material from their increasingly dope roster and some equally compelling guests. The album kicks off with a track from Quelle Chris and Alchemist, which should give you some idea of the levels at work here, if you’re not already familiar with Mello’s insanely consistent back catalogue. As we progress we’re treated to new joints from The Lasso and Zackey Force Funk, Cambatta and Apollo Brown, Homeboy Sandman and Eric Lau, as well as three new tracks from Oddisee, including the previously featured No Trouble. You can explore the full array of musical brilliance below and then go check the usual spots for all your streaming/download needs.

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Cambatta: LSD + LP Stream

You might have noticed me singing Cambatta’s praises over the last few weeks, since Mello Music announced the imminent arrival of his debut for the label. The singles that had emerged in the run-up had given us a decent taste of Cambatta’s acid-tinged world, falling into a subcategory of psychedelic rap that has been burgeoning this year especially (Check out Psypiritual & The Lasso and The Leonard Simpson Duo for further listening). Today sees the release of Cambatta’s album in full, along with a new video for the title track. I have a proper review coming in next month’s edition of The Wire, but rest assured that the album lives up to its expectations, as demonstrated in the superb animated video above. The track is produced by O.P. Supa. The rest of the album can be heard below, with streams and downloads available from the usual spots. Continue reading “Cambatta: LSD + LP Stream”

Cambatta: Bones of Osiris

More new music from Cambatta, as he continues to prove he is a valuable voice amidst this burgeoning global shit show. On Bones of Osiris, we are exposed to some of the rapper’s insights on the current backlash against the police, with his bars building on their urgency, thanks in part to Cambatta’s ever-imposing vocals which loom up out of the shadows as the song progresses. Production this time round is handled by Chup. This is the second single from the forthcoming album, LunarSolarDuality, which drops on 21 July via Mello.

Cambatta: nXggXr ChrXst

Another gritty dose of acid-soaked rap from Cambatta, as he drops his latest video. nXggXr ChrXst is taken from the MC’s forthcoming album on Mello Music Group and features some brooding production from VDon. The album, Lunar Solar Duality, is due for release on 21 July and pre-orders are available. What with the acid-rock infused LSD album from Guilty Simpson and Leonard Charles earlier in the year, the hallucinogenic tapestry of Psypiritual and The Lasso’s recent album, and the unveiling of this new Cambatta project, it seems like mind-altering influences are the new wave and I for one am okay with that.

Cambatta & Apollo Brown: Nightmare

Not sure how this one slipped me by, but Mello Music Group have added another artist to their ever-burgeoning roster. Cambatta is a New York-based rapper, who has a voice that will echo in your mind long after the verses end. Described by Mello as “like tripping on DMT, Mushrooms, and LSD at the same time all while witnessing the 80s crack epidemic unfold around you”, this is heavy-hitting social commentary in lyrical form. Nightmare is his first single with the label and will be featured on their forthcoming compilation, which is due for release later in the year. There is a also a Cambatta album en route too, but more news on that when I have it. Nightmare is available to stream and download on the usual platforms.