BroomMan: Rats (Stream)

The reemergence of one of the more distinctive voices in UK rap, as BroomMan delivers his latest album. The Herrotics MC and producer has been releasing self-described ‘weirdo shit’ for years now, but as the old saying goes – one man’s weird is another man’s treasure, and that’s exactly what we have on offer here; a weird and wonderful treasure trove of rap oddities. Rats is produced by BroomMan for the most part, with TobyToga providing the beat on DYS. You can stream the album below and downloads are available over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “BroomMan: Rats (Stream)”

Bisk: XXXX


More dope from Bisk, who is up there with the most prolific MCs of the era thanks to the slew of projects he’s released over the past year or so. XXXX features his trademark raw drawl, with some nice production credits from the likes Drae Da Skimask, Broom Man, Sam Zircon and Bisk himself. The full project is available to stream below and you can download it over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Bisk: XXXX”

Wrapa J: Cannon Fodder


New project here from Wrapa J that appeared at the weekend. 10 left field tracks deep, with features from BroomMan of Herrotics fame, as well as AGN. BroomMan also handles the production, alongside Toby Toga. It’s available now on a free download, just click the player below. Continue reading “Wrapa J: Cannon Fodder”