Backwoodz Studioz: High Bias (Stream)

A surprise release here to coincide with Bandcamp Friday, as Backwoodz Studioz flex their collective muscle with a new compilation. Billed as lying “somewhere between a label sampler and woods’ curated mixtape”, High Bias features mostly new and unheard tracks from familiar label dwellers like Armand Hammer, AKAI SOLO and ShrapKnel, as well appearances from extended family members – and possible new additions to the roster? – including Fatboi Sharif, Breeze Brewin and Cavalier. The production is up to its usual standards as well, with August Fanon, Messiah Musik, Sebb Bash and DJ Haram among the contributors. High Bias is available to stream below, with downloads and cassettes over on Bandcamp.

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Curly Castro ft. Breeze Brewin: Weapon 13X + LP Stream

Sticking with the Backwoodz camp for a minute, as yesterday marked the release of the highly anticipated solo album from Curly Castro. Following in the footsteps of his Wrecking Crew brethren, PremRock and Zilla Rocca, the ShrapKnel MC pulled out all the stops to make Little Robert Hutton another contender for those album of the year lists. Among the many gems to be found on the album, is the Breeze Brewin assisted, Weapon 13X, which you can watch the video for below. The track is produced by Quelle Chris and the video was made by Duncecap. If you’re yet to experience the rest of the album, you can peruse a few joints below, before heading to Bandcamp to cop your download.

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Hus Kingpin: Portishus

Big fan of the latest release from Hus Kingpin. Having already flirted with Portishead samples in the past, the New York rapper now returns with a full project inspired by the legendary Bristol band. And it is. Not just sample wise, although there are a few noticeable ones that creep in along the way, but more in the mournful, slightly melancholic sound that the production takes. Impressive features too, including a blinding appearance from Breeze Brewin on Chasing Ghosts. I’m also a big fan of the way they work an interview with Beth Gibbons into the intro of the track which takes her name as the title; good shit. You can hear a preview of the LP below, with physicals available via

Breeze Brewin: Devil’s Advocate

Very pleased to be able to bring you new music from Breeze Brewin, as he lends his voice to the call to get out and vote in America. As we are all aware, Trump is nearing the end of his first term as president, which means that in November the country will go to the polls again to select their leader for the next four years. On Devil’s Advocate, Brewin has penned a withering attack on Trump, cleverly weaving all the accusations that have been levelled at him into the track, as well as all the more obvious and confirmed scandals that he has been involved with. The track is also produced by Brewin and the video was made by Twin Lenses. There is also news of a forthcoming Juggaknots album as well, so expect more news on that soon.

Blockhead ft. billy woods, Open Mike Eagle & Breeze Brewin: Slippery Slope

Blockhead kicked off 2019 with his new album, which is already a contender for all of your end of year lists. It included a stellar cast of supporting players, including this track Slippery Slope which features billy woods, Open Mike Eagle and Breeze Brewin. It’s now also got its own claymation video, courtesy of the talented Mr. Oz. Free Sweatpants is available now via Backwoodz Studioz.

Blockhead: Free Sweatpants (Stream)

Blockhead has been a favourite producer of mine ever since I first heard his work with Aesop Rock on Labor Days. Over the years he has maintained a steady stream of solid solo releases – Music by Cavelight and Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, being two personal favourites – as well as some excellent production credits for some equally excellent rappers. The one thing I have always wanted to hear from him though was a production album, featuring loads of good MCs rapping their asses off, which is exactly what the New York producer delivered today.
Following on from last year’s Funeral Balloons – his debut release on his new label home, Backwoodz Studioz – Free Sweatpants merges quintessential Blockhead instrumentals, with plenty of strong features from a whole host of talented writers. As if it’s not enough having Tree, Hemlock Ernst, Aesop Rock, Armand Hammer, Homeboy Sandman, Vic Spencer and Marq Spekt involved, Blockhead kicks off the album with a track featuring Open Mike Eagle, billy woods AND Breeze Brewin. The result is as good as you would hope for and more. I spent years waiting for this album to happen and I am happy to be able to say it has surpassed all my expectations. Free Sweatpants is available to stream in full below and you find downloads over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Blockhead: Free Sweatpants (Stream)”

Rob Sonic ft. Breeze Brewin: Not For Nothing

If you didn’t know already, Rob Sonic just dropped a new album for us and as if that wasn’t enough to turn that frown upside down, Breeze Brewin is one of the featured emcees. Arguably one of the most respected, yet overlooked MCs ever, Breeze has been making instant fans ever since his Juggaknots days. Continue reading “Rob Sonic ft. Breeze Brewin: Not For Nothing”