Juga-Naut & Jazz T: Marble & Granite

A legendary link-up here, as Juga-Naut and Jazz T combine forces to bring us Marble & Granite. If you’ve got ears, you will know that Jugz is one of the best rappers the UK shores have ever birthed and Jazz, whose DJ career has spanned the generations, is always worth investing in when he flexes his production muscle. The single is out now on Boot Records, accompanied by a very apt video from NS Visuals.

Lee Scott X Jazz T: Ceiling / Urn Money

Jazz T is a bit of a living legend on the UK scene and also, to my mind, one of the hardest working DJs on the circuit. He has been responsible for some excellent production over his lengthy career as well, and now he is back with a couple of fresh joints, alongside Blah’s own cult leader, Lee Scott.
Now as you know I’m a big fan of Lee’s music, but while his wavier material is becoming the more prevalent sound, I’m still a sucker for a nice selection of head nod inducing beats – hence why his album with Illinformed is still up there with my favourite UK releases of the last decade. Continue reading “Lee Scott X Jazz T: Ceiling / Urn Money”