Sleep Sinatra: Sleeper Effect (Stream)

Another essential project from Sleep Sinatra, as he introduces us to the Sleeper Effect. This time round the Nebraska MC has brought in an array of production talent to assist with the proceedings and the result is a richly diverse listen, complemented by both Sinatra’s own brand of lyricism and by the guest rappers on the bill. Those guests are notable in their own right, with Defcee, Ty Farris, BubRock and Teller Bank$, all bringing their accomplished penmanship to the album. And production wise, you’ve got contributions from the likes of Stu Bangas, Sadhugold, BloodMoney Perez and August Fanon. The whole album is out now on all the usual platforms and you can stream it in full below. Continue reading “Sleep Sinatra: Sleeper Effect (Stream)”

Bloodmoney Perez: Remember This Shit! + LP Stream

About Fucking Time is the latest release from Bloodmoney Perez, where we find the Seattle-based artist once again joining forces with rising Baltimore producer, Messiah Muzik. The pair make for a good creative pairing, having already collaborated to great effect on Perez’s 2018 album, Time is a Motherfucker, and fans of that album will be pleased to know that this latest project continues in the same vein. The album also features a Defame remix of last year’s Slap Yourself and a lone feature from psych-rap aficionado, cunabear. Perez has also released a video for Remember This Shit!, which you can find below, along with a stream of the album. Downloads are available over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Bloodmoney Perez: Remember This Shit! + LP Stream”

Bloodmoney Perez: Time Is A Motherfucker (Stream)

Another project that I slept on, but thankfully caught up with this week, is the latest from Bloodmoney Perez. The Portland artist came up on the same scene as cats like Blu & Exile, and has been making hip hop since his formative years as a teenager. Time Is A Motherfucker is the result of three years of hard work and focus, but the result is well worth the grind as Perez channels the influences of names like Philip K Dick and Pedro Albizu Campos, alongside a number of talented rap luminaries on the assist. Curly Castro, Sleep Sinatra and MCF all bring their respective voices to the proceedings, as well as Messiah Musik, who injects his production skills into the majority of the tracks. Perez handles the beats on the remainder, proving his worth both in the booth and behind the boards. You can stream the album in full below, with downloads and physicals available over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Bloodmoney Perez: Time Is A Motherfucker (Stream)”