Bisk: Cartunes & Serial EP


New material from the ever prolific Bisk, as he joins up with Jack Danz for the Cartunes & Serial EP. Danz provides some of his standard grittiness for Bisk to do his thing on and it’s all crammed into one 10 minute long mini mix, featuring fellow Blah cult member King Grubb. You can grab a free download now over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Bisk: Cartunes & Serial EP”

Bisk ft. Stinkin Slumrok, Sniff & Jack Danz: Smoke


Bad Taste and Blah unite on this new dirt from Bisk and family. Morriarchi brings those stripped down breaks as Bisk, Stinkin and Jack Danz get slimy on Smoke. More music from all of them coming soon, including this Gutter City project. You can stream Smoke below. Continue reading “Bisk ft. Stinkin Slumrok, Sniff & Jack Danz: Smoke”

Bisk: Don’t Piss It Off!


A few months ago I was asked in an interview which rappers to watch and two of my three answers came from the Blah camp. One of the names I put forward was Bisk, the Swamp Harbour MC who has been steadily releasing solid projects since February this year, when his debut EP dropped. Raw Shit was the name of the release, a perfect title to sum up Bisk’s style. Continue reading “Bisk: Don’t Piss It Off!”

Bisk: Figaro3000 EP

Yet more new music from Bisk, as he drops the next EP in an onslaught of fresh material that could make 2016 the year of Swamp Harbour. Featuring production from fellow SH member Sam Zircon, as well as 19.thou$and, Morriarchi and Lee Scott, Figaro3000 is more of that raw rap we’ve come to anticipate from the Blah MC.

Bisk: Freemorphine (The Interlude EP)

One of the rawest rappers to appear on the scene in a while has released a free EP. Not only that, but it is produced solely by Morriarchi, king of the moody gutter anthem. It is this union that makes Freemorphine such a great listen. Rough and ready like the MC himself, this is five full tracks of unadulterated rap, with features from Sniff and Lee Scott. You can download the EP over at Bandcamp now and feel free to chuck a few quid into the coffer when you do.

Bisk: Raw Sh!t

Sticking with the Blah lot, this week saw the release of the debut EP from Bisk. Featuring heavily on a number of recent projects, notably the Don Pong LP & the Children of the Damned tracks, Bisk has already made a name for himself which he plans to cement with the Raw Sh!t EP. Continue reading “Bisk: Raw Sh!t”