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Two rappers who should have appeared on my blog a lot sooner than this – Mooch and Rigz – return with another video from their recent album. Dead Beats is produced by Big Ghost, who was at the helm for the whole project, continuing his recent run of production successes. The Only Way Out is available to stream now on the usual platforms. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Ghost continues his run of successful projects with a new album, alongside Rochester rapper, 38 Spesh. Think luxurious neck-snapping, sometimes soul tinged beats, coupled with grimy, hard-boiled street raps and you’ll be right on the money. There are features too, including Eto, Black Geez and Street Justice. A Bullet For Every Heathen is available to listen to below and you can cop a physical version over on Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Jay Z’s The Black Album, Big Ghost Ltd. has revisited the monumental project to add some fresh perspective. Ol’ Volcano Hands himself says that the remixes aimed to create a version of the album “where A-List celebrity producers played no part…n it was no politics involved nahmean. No hype or pitches to the artist from whoever whoever… Just the feel of that early 00s shit when the R.O.C. had established itself as the pinnacle n the heartbeat of the culture n the greatest rapper of all time pump faked his retirement”. If that sounds like a winning formula, that’s cos it is, as Ghost manages to pull off a successful venture into what maybe considered hallowed turf. Cuts on the album come from Giallo Point and DJ Grouch. You can stream The Black Album Revisited below, with downloads available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghostface enlists some heavy-hitters for the next single from his upcoming project, The Lost Tapes. Benny The Butcher, KXNG Crooked and 38 Spesh join the Wu veteran on Buckingham Palace, with album producer Big Ghost Ltd. delivering a suitably triumphant drum-heavy beat. The Lost Tapes is due for release on 5 October and you can find more info about that here. Buckingham Palace is available to stream below. Read the rest of this entry »

Recognize Ali returns with a new project, following on from his God’s Vision LP back in March. The Outlawed promises to deliver more of the same level of lyricism as its predecessors, if the tasters we’ve been given so far are anything to go by, including the recent Mug Shots track. The beat selection is on point, with the likes of Big Ghost Ltd, Farma Beats, El Ay and Frank Grimes all providing tight contributions. There are also some decent guest spots too, as Ali is joined by Da Flyy Hooligan, Daniel Son and Estee Nack, among others. You can stream a couple of tracks below, but to download the full project or cop one of the physicals, head over to Greenfield Music. Read the rest of this entry »

Rumours of a collaboration between Ghostface Killah and Big Ghost have been circulating online for a while, with the latter confirming the project’s existence earlier this year. Now it’s all very much a reality, as an official announcement of The Lost Tapes project was made yesterday. As well as the announcement, we were also treated to a single from the album, as well as a sampler and full tracklist (see below). The project is jam packed with features from the likes of Planet Asia, Benny the Butcher, Big Daddy Kane and Cappadonna, as well as Snoop and E-40, who drop in on the lead single, Saigon Velour. You can stream both the single and the sampler below, with pre-orders available here. The release date is set for 5 October. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Face Frankies is just one of the gems to be found on the recent album from CRIMEAPPLE and Big Ghost Ltd. Aguardiente – named after the sugar-based liquor – was released to well-deserved acclaim last month and continues the gold run that the blogger turned producer has been creating, since his debut with Griselda back in 2015. It marks another success for CRIMEAPPLE too, following on from last year’s Metraletta project. The video was made by Mercenary Productions and the album is out now on iTunes.

For those of you patiently waiting for the imminent collaboration between CRIMEAPPLE and Big Ghost Ltd., yesterday saw the release of a nice little appetiser to keep you satisfied until the main course is served up next month. Aguardiente Season features a medley of three previously released Big Ghost beats, which the rising New Jersey MC proceeds to murder in cold blood. You can stream the crime scene below. More news on the full Aguardiente release coming soon.

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More new music from the ever prolific Wave Lord aka Hus Kingpin, as he rounds off a monumental 2017 with a new mixtape. Hosted by DJ Caesar, the tape features a whole load of features and collabs with the likes of Rozewood, WSG, Milano and Ankhle John. There is also production from a bunch of heavy hitters, including Big Ghost, Daringer and Creestal, making Waves R Us a decent showcase for the LA-based MC. You can stream the project below, with free downloads available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Ghost has been making some serious heaters over the past couple of years, most notably his project with Westside Gunn & Conway and last year’s collab with Vic Spencer. So the internet went into a bit of a reasonable hype last week when he announced a new partnership with the Wave lord himself, Hus Kingpin. The full Cocaine Beach release is coming on 1 June and today we got our first morsel, in the form of Coke Casa. No surprises it’s straight grade A uncut rawness. You can stream the track below and stay tuned for more news on the album coming soon. Read the rest of this entry »