El Michels Affair: Shaolin Brew

If you are yet to find yourself enjoying the pleasures of the El Michels Affair and are wondering whether to believe the hype, let the video for Shaolin Brew be your deciding factor.
Taking on the Wu-Tang back in 2009 with Enter the 37th Chamber, El Michels came back this year with The Return to the 37th Chamber, featuring more of the same live musical interpretations of some of the most-loved RZA produced joints. Shaolin Brew was inspired by the incident at the B-Boy Summit ’99 event, which was upset by wrongly directed police interference. The album is available now on Big Crown Records.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band: Scorpio/8th Wonder

More from Big Crown Records as the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band drop a double release. Featuring their own excellent take on two undisputed B-Boy favourites, Scorpio by Dennis Coffey and Sugarhill Gang’s 8th Wonder. They are available to buy now here, either on digital download or on 7″, complete with a rather beautiful looking picture sleeve which you can see above.

Soul Explosives: Ain’t No Sunshine

aint no sun

Something a little different to start the week, as Big Crown Records announce a particularly rare reissue. The Soul Explosives were originally a Texas-based high school funk band, led by Skip Frazier, who were around at the start of the 70s. Despite only performing together for a couple of years and only having one 45 pressed, they have built up a cult status in the decades since. Continue reading “Soul Explosives: Ain’t No Sunshine”