Norm Oddity: System Restore (Stream)

A solid batch of sample-based instrumental jams from Norm Oddity, as he presents his latest release, System Restore. Having found his way to the freshly formed, but already mighty, Group Bracil label, the South Wales producer displays his dexterity for beat-making with a varied selection that run the gamut from eerie lurkers to glitchy wonders. System Restore is available to stream in full below, with downloads and cassettes up for grabs via Bandcamp. The artwork was done by Matt Littler. Continue reading “Norm Oddity: System Restore (Stream)”

Ohbliv: Give Thanks (Stream)

Ohbliv has been on my radar ever since I first heard his production work on various Mutant Academy projects. Give Thanks is his latest beat selection and is a prime example of why he’s not only a favourite of mine, but also of the likes of Fly Anakin, Armand Hammer and Koncept Jack$on. Ohbliv sees this new release as a follow up to his contribution to the Baker’s Dozen series, which is put together by Fat Beats. For the recording he drew for a number of production tools, including his favourite – the SP-404. Give Thanks is available to stream in full below. Continue reading “Ohbliv: Give Thanks (Stream)”

EvillDewer: Slime Rituals

Sticking with beat tapes but this time across the Atlantic, as EvillDewer returns with his latest offering. Once again the beats themselves are sample heavy, experimental in the best way and all with a faint sense of menace looming. Slime Rituals is available to stream in part below and full downloads can be found via Speak No Evil Recordings. Continue reading “EvillDewer: Slime Rituals”

Strange Neighbour: Project India (Stream)

A rough and ready, yet still banging beat tape from Strange Neighbour, as he samples the hell out of a Bollywood film score DVD he found in a charity shop. You can stream the tape in full below and you can grab a free download via Revorg Records. Continue reading “Strange Neighbour: Project India (Stream)”

Ohbliv: Soulphonic (Stream)

Fresh stack of instrumentals here from Ohbliv, as he treats us to his latest release, Soulphonic. The Mutant Academy affiliate describes the music as speaking from the soul, hence the title choice and the beats themselves definitely reflect that quality. You can stream the album below, with downloads available over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Ohbliv: Soulphonic (Stream)”

Jack Danz: Dying Lotus (Stream)

Nice little selection of instrumentals from Jack Danz and the second instalment of his Dying Lotus beat tape series. Vaguely menacing with an abundance of “where the fuck did he find that?” samples, this tape only further certifies Danz as one of my favourite beatmakers in the UK. You can stream the tape below and downloads are available via Bandcamp, along with the first chapter which dropped back in April. Continue reading “Jack Danz: Dying Lotus (Stream)”

Premiere – ArthUrr: Crunch Tape

Pleased to be able to kick off the week with new music from a new artist, but one who I would wager is soon to become a regular player on the UK scene. ArthUrr is a London-based producer who, having distanced himself from the heady days of his children’s TV stardom, now wiles away the hours crafting beats that draw on a variety of styles and influences.
On offer today we have the Crunch Tape, a beat selection which ArthUrr put together in a single session and one which combines the basic ingredients of a beat – bass, drums and sample – at their most stripped back and sparse, while still delivering enough substance to keep those heads bobbing. As I said at the start, this is merely an introduction to ArthUrr’s strengths, so expect to hear a lot more from him in the not too distant future. The Crunch Tape is ready to hear in full below, with downloads available via Group Bracil. Continue reading “Premiere – ArthUrr: Crunch Tape”

Jon Phonics: Beats To Talk Crud To

Nice selection of beats from Jon Phonics on his latest release. Comprised of material stretching from 2008 to 2018, Beats To Talk Crud To is a fine snapshot of Phonics’ work across that decade. As if the beats weren’t enough of an attraction, they’re also all named after classic movies and the spirit of Pen & Pixel has been channelled for the artwork. You can stream the tape below and downloads are available here. Continue reading “Jon Phonics: Beats To Talk Crud To”