ELUCID: Valley of Grace


I’ve been following Elucid’s career ever since I first heard on Metabeats’ Caviar Crackle LP, back in 2013. Since then I have heard some classic material from him, including last year’s excellent Save Yourself album. He shows no sign of relenting on that trend of dope releases as the arrival of his latest project signifies. Continue reading “ELUCID: Valley of Grace”

Willie Green ft. Elucid & Open Mike Eagle: The Feathered Octopus

Willie Green dropped a new album on Friday, along with this video for his track Feathered Octopus. With features from Elucid, Open Mike Eagle, plus cameos from PremRock and some luchadores, it’s a good way to start your weekk. You can buy the album, Doc Savage, from the Backwoodz Studioz site.