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Some amazing work here from the US based artist Zaria Forman. She uses pastel to breathtaking effect to recreate the ever changing landscapes of the earth, concentrating especially on the Arctic. Read the rest of this entry »



These drawings from Diego Fazio are amazing. Read the rest of this entry »


Saw these over on Juxtapoz’s Best of 2012 selection and thought I’d repost them cos I’m a big fan of hyperrealism. Argentinian based painter Diego Gravinese uses your average oil on canvas, to come up with these amazingly detailed images. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve never been someone who gets hyped about Halloween, but these pumpkin carvings are too incredible to ignore. Ray Villafane has built up a huge reputation as a highly skilled carver, thanks to his skills with a knife and a string of appearances on US television. Read the rest of this entry »


Check out this amazing rock poster art, from renowned San Francisco based artist Alan Forbes. Read the rest of this entry »


Really feeling these pencil drawings by British artist Abbey Watkins. Read the rest of this entry »


This piece from Neil Dawson is brilliant. The New Zealand sculptor has given “Horizons” the appearance of being drawn on to the landscape. Read the rest of this entry »


Everyone’s favourite G-Funk advocate Snoop Dogg, has a new songbook coming out and for the release, a smokable version of the book has been created. Read the rest of this entry »


London based artist Mark Powell has chosen the humble envelope as his canvas for these amazing Bic Biro portraits. I say humble envelope, but the ones he uses are in fact all vintage stock, from old postal networks in Europe.
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These are pretty cool. French photographer Benjamin Béchet has done a series of shots, which attempt to show iconic figures from popular culture, in normal, everyday life situations. Check them out. Read the rest of this entry »