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Is it worth me celebrating six year anniversaries? Not really but its worth me reminding you lot what’s good or even introducing you to some new oldish shit you never heard before. I had been an Aesop Rock fan since Labor Days but this album was a change of lane for him as far as I was concerned. It was the first project where I felt like his production came into its own; it all seemed less convoluted than on previous jawns. It’s also sounded a lot more reflective and personal than his earlier efforts. I think it was his first album since Camu died, which would obviously have an impact. Lines like “Here is how a great escape goes/When you can’t take your dead friends names out your phone” resonated a lot with me back then and still do today. Read the rest of this entry »


The mighty Aesop Rock surprised us with a new song last week, as well as a new video to accompany it.
The track was released along with this statement from the man himself: “Occasionally song structure eludes me and it feels good. No problem-solving or pesky hit chorus, just rambling. Klutz is such a moment. I had started a couple things to this beat before sacrificing it to the gods of not-shutting-up, but this seemed a fitting fate. I hope you enjoy it. My longtime video collaborator, Rob Shaw, helped visualize my long-windedness, and I’m excited to have Steve Espo Powers gracing the artwork for the release.”
Rhymesayers have also announced a limited run of 7″ vinyl, as well as a t-shirt bundle offer. More information on all of that is available via Fifth Element.

I started listening to hip hop in about 1992 when my mate got a copy of Straight Outta Compton on tape. I was 11 or 12 and I think it was probably the swearing that got me interested. I was young so at that point anytime anyone swore, it was a cause for amusement. But it wasn’t long before I got hooked on the raw nature of the music, especially during that era. It’s been a long journey of discovery ever since and there have been certain albums along the way that have been milestones for me in terms of opening my mind up to what was possible in rap. Illmatic was one, the Blackalicious A2G EP was another, but I think one that stands above all the rest is Labor Days. Read the rest of this entry »

Aesop Rock is the king of surprises releases. Most of his Lice projects with Homeboy Sandman have been seemingly spontaneous and yesterday saw the arrival of a brand new track, in conjunction with the charity, Grind For Life.
The video premiered over on Thrasher yesterday and as well as some nice beats and rhymes from Ace himself, there is also some slick as fuck skating from the talented, Jake Gascoyne. Kurt Hayashi is the man behind the video and between the three of them, they have put together a very nice audio/visual treat. The track is available to buy now, with vinyl copies on the way and all proceeds will go to Grind For Life.

I love it when projects get released without any real prior warning. Take the third instalment of the exquisite Lice series, which Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman have been treating us to for the last couple of years. Friday saw its arrival without much hype building, except for an IG post from Aesop Rock, which pictured him and Sand with the caption “What are you doing Friday? #3”. Read the rest of this entry »

In case you hadn’t heard, billy woods is bringing us a new album with production from Blockhead and Aesop Rock. He already collaborated with Blockhead back in 2013 on Dour Candy, so we know the finished product is going to be something dope. Wonderful is the next leak and features additional verses from Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman. The full album is out on 6 June and can be pre-ordered now via Backwoodz Studioz. Read the rest of this entry »

Groundhogs Day is the first single from billy woods upcoming album and is produced by Blockhead, following on from their earlier collaboration in 2013. The album, Known Unknowns, is out on 9 June on the Backwoodz Studioz label. Pre-orders are available here.

The second sliver of one of the most anticipated albums of recent times made its appearance yesterday, as Jam Baxter released a video for Teeth Marks.
The track is taken from his forthcoming follow up to So We Ate Them Whole… and is another collaboration with Chemo. This video is a little bit special in itself as it’s made in karaoke style, giving listeners a real insight into the rhyming structure of one of the best lyricists in the UK right now. Read the rest of this entry »

Aesop Rock is my favourite rapper for a number of reasons, including his transparency about his struggle with mental illness.
First time I heard One of Four on the Daylight EP, I was blown away but the honesty and also by how he managed to turn psychological trauma into a decent rap topic. On his most recent album he took a comedic swipe at the world of therapy in Shrunk and yesterday Rhymesayers released an excellent video for the track. Read the rest of this entry »

lice2Hooray for Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman. Yesterday they unexpectedly released the follow up to their surprise Lice project, which dropped at the end of last year. I say unexpected, but the day before Aesop started tweeting the hashtag #stillbuggin, which had got fan’s feelers twitching. Read the rest of this entry »