Action Bronson “The Symbol” Trailer

A trailer for a music video might seem a bit extreme, but when you’re Action Bronson, it seems like a pretty standard thing to do. Bronson recently signed to Vice Records and is due to release his “Rare Chandeliers” mixtape really soon. The first track to get the video treatment is “The Symbol” and the trailer is rammed full of vintage pimp slap action. Come back on Monday to check out the full video.

Metabeats ft. Action Bronson “Hookers”

For those of you who didn’t catch this when it dropped last month, check out one of my favourite UK producers, hooking up with one of my favourite US rappers. Metabeats and Action Bronson put down a collaboration for Metabeats’ upcoming solo album and the result bangs from start to finish. Stay tuned for more news on the album coming soon.

Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Blue Chips”


For those of you fiendin’ for another hit of that Bronsalini dope, stop your shakes and get yourselves over to DJ Booth to cop the brand new mixtape “Blue Chips”. You may have seen the video I posted last week, for one of the tracks from the mixtape, “Hookers at the Point”, so you know this is a little different to his previous projects. Continue reading “Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Blue Chips””

Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Hookers at the Point”

Nobody seems to be able to get enough of Action Bronson recently and with good reason. Here is a little something to whet your appetite for the upcoming joint project between Bronson and Party Supplies, “Blue Chips”, which is dropping on 12 March. Continue reading “Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Hookers at the Point””