JCA: From London With Love

Good to see more┬ánew music emerging from the Abnoxshuz label. Producer JCA has today released his instrumental project, From London With Love, which features nine tracks of varied sounds. From the bluesy country-esque guitar on I’ll Cut Ya (complete with a Don Logan sample), to the more esoteric sounds of Dodgy Minces, this is a rich example of the UK’s highly talented scene right now. You can download the project now over at Bandcamp and its name your price.

Ramson Badbonez “A Year in the Life of Oscar the Slouch”


The end of last year saw a flurry of new releases from various heads on the UK scene and one of the stand out albums for me, was the latest from Ramson Badbonez. Continue reading “Ramson Badbonez “A Year in the Life of Oscar the Slouch””