Run The Jewels ft. 2 Chainz: Out Of Sight

Its been a couple of months since RTJ4 was released ahead of schedule, in a successful attempt to ease some of our lockdown woes and provide a timely soundtrack while America justifiably burned, fuelled by a rage against police brutality. Suffice it to say the album was a success and is being hailed by some as the duo’s finest work to date. I’m not far off that assessment and tracks like Out Of Sight have definitely played a part in me getting there. Now the 2 Chainz assisted banger has been given its own video, which only adds to its allure. Starring the young Scottish lads from Get Duked, the video sees the boys breaking into a mysterious mansion laden with selected RTJ works of art. They eventually find the hands that were featured on the cover of RTJ4, which they proceed to put on, sending them on quite a trip in the process. The video was made by Ninian Doff and Drew O’Neill. RTJ4 is out now.