Danny Lover ft. Trellion: Skinny Pimp

Another second single, this time from across the water, as Danny Lover releases the video for Skinny Pimp. Featuring a nice verse from Trellion and a sweet beat from 19.thou$and, Skinny Pimp is a fine example of why we should all be hyped about The Church Restaurant Official Soundtrack project, which is due for release on 11 August on Blah.

Danny Lover x Wes Murray: Career Suicide

Cult is a word often associated with Blah, for obvious reasons and Danny Lover is no exception. The Canadian MC has built up a solid stream of releases over the past couple of years and his recent appearance at Boom Bap was treated as one of rap’s rarer spectacles. Continue reading “Danny Lover x Wes Murray: Career Suicide”

Danny Lover x Wes Murray: Ghosts

The transatlantic Blah representative is due to release his new collaborative project next month and so to keep the hype machine going he’s released this new video as well. Produced by 19.thou$and, the whole album, Career Suicide, is a joint effort with singer/songwriter Wes Murray and is due to land on 5 August. Stay tuned for more info.

Bisk: Figaro3000 EP

Yet more new music from Bisk, as he drops the next EP in an onslaught of fresh material that could make 2016 the year of Swamp Harbour. Featuring production from fellow SH member Sam Zircon, as well as 19.thou$and, Morriarchi and Lee Scott, Figaro3000 is more of that raw rap we’ve come to anticipate from the Blah MC.