Twizzy: Keep The Faith

There aren’t many MCs I know who sound as hungry on a track as Twizzy does and no one I know who seems to have that hunger in him 24/7. Over the last few years I have watched him hone his skills and use his emotions to keep striving to better himself as a rapper. The results are tracks like this new one, produced by UK favourite 184, which you can grab on free download here.

SonnyJim “Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 1”


I thought I’d posted this already, but somehow I missed it. SonnyJim put out this free compilation at the end of last month, which features loads of tracks that Sonny has dropped guest verses on over the past few years. Continue reading “SonnyJim “Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 1””