Gee Bag: A Brief Introduction

Gee Bag is celebrating 10 years in the business and to mark the occasion he has put together this little insight into his world. As the blurb advises this is “spontaneous day and night filming, captured on the spot with no rehearsal or prompting on the subject of Hip Hop music” and it was all put together by Addoink Vision.

Aesop Rock: The Impossible Kid – EP. 1 Sorry I’m Late

Aesop Rock has always been pushing boundaries with his creativity and the promo run for his upcoming album is no exception. Linking up with frequent collaborator and illustrator supreme, Alex Pardee, he has come up with a series of partly animated promo films. Continue reading “Aesop Rock: The Impossible Kid – EP. 1 Sorry I’m Late”

Run The Jewels: 360° Boiler Room Live Set

This is a bit special. The Boiler Room gang have released 360° footage of the immensely dope Run The Jewels set from the end of last year. Its an insane visual experience and a good way of getting a feel for what their shows are like, if you’ve never had the chance to catch them live (e.g. me). Word on the street/social networks is that RTJ3 is complete and will be landing in our ear holes very soon. Watch this space for more news as and when.

The Art of Organized Noize

I’m not sure how you would have got through life as a rap fan without hearing about Organized Noise, but for those that aren’t too familiar, they are a pioneering record label from Atlanta.
Responsible for a slew of releases from the likes of Ludacris and TLC, as well as Outkast and Goodie Mob, they have been a huge influence since their inception in 1992. Continue reading “The Art of Organized Noize”

Rubble Kings


I have spent the past few days catching up on a lot of the documentaries I have been meaning to watch recently, including the excellent Rubble Kings. For those of you not familiar with its background, Rubble Kings is a film that shines a light on the world of gang culture in the Bronx, culminating with the Hoe Avenue peace meeting in 1971. Continue reading “Rubble Kings”

Sektion Red: Artemis

Artemis Cover Artwork square

Something interesting just appeared in my inbox. Those clever heads over at Sektion Red have made a film about female hip hop MCs on the UK scene. Much derided over the years and always severely lacking in numbers compared to their male counterparts, female MCs have had it hard in hip hop full stop. Continue reading “Sektion Red: Artemis”