Defcee & Nick Arcade: Ceenick (Stream)

You might well remember me singing the praises of Defcee back in 2019, following on from a run of strong releases, which culminated with his Lacuna LP alongside knowsthetime. I’ve been a bit slow on the blog since then but Defcee has continued building, offering up a seemingly endless stream of projects, which all maintain the same levels of artistry that first caught my attention a couple of years ago.
His most recent effort is no exception, as he teams up with producer, Nick Arcade, for the exemplary Ceenick. The album is now enjoying its deluxe edition release, which arrives five months after the original version and bolsters its predecessor with five new tracks. These include a follow-up to the previously released Non Sequitur, featuring fellow Chicago MC, Rich Jones, and the superb Omelettes, on which we hear Defcee at his most mesmerising. There are also some tight features from Wally Wess and Add-2. You can check all this out for yourself below, then head over to Bandcamp to cop a download and eye up some of the accompanying merch. And stay tuned for more coming from Defcee, as he joins forces with the mighty August Fanon.

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