Amani & King Vision Ultra: An Unknown Infinite (Stream)

Given how much music I post on here, you would be surprised to know how much of the stuff I listen to doesn’t actually make it on here. No reasons other than my own failure to post them, but I’m going to try to rectify that, as some of these projects make for essential listening. Take this latest from King Vision Ultra, as we find him teaming up with Amani, to bring us An Unknown Infinite. It’s the latest release from the forever valuable, PTP outfit (fka Purple Tape Pedigree), and it maintains the same levels of quality control as its predecessors, adding another jewel to the PTP crown. King Vision is the main producer, along with strong contributions from Ahwlee, Nick Hakim and D00F. There are also some excellent features from ELUCID – who lends his inimitable tone to Scrapes (a personal high point) – maassai, AKAI SOLO and Suede Jury. Listen for yourself below and then head to Bandcamp to cop a VERY limited edition cassette.

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