Tom Caruana: Adaptatrap (Stream)

The latest album from Tom Caruana surfaced recently, one which sees him stepping away from the mash-up world and delving back into his straight up production. If you know Tom’s music, you will know that his execution is pretty much faultless every time he puts a record out and Adaptatrap is no exception. He is a producer who understands the virtues of striving for perfection, but without any of the negative attributes that come with constantly tweaking the idea until it loses its original appeal. As we know, thanks to earlier ventures like the excellent Son of Sam project, Tom is no stranger to implementing live instrumentation into his music and on Adaptatrap he is ably assisted by a variety of musicians, including his fellow band members from Son of Sam. The introduction of strings, horns, percussion and a harp, allows the album to spread its wings even further, with the latter in particular providing beautiful accompaniment to the lead single, Northern Lights. You can hear that track for yourself below, along with the rest of the album, with downloads and physicals available over on Bandcamp.

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