Ever since PENGSHUi announced their formation a few years back, it has become clearer with each new release and live performance, that these were three seasoned artists who had found the ideal home for their respective crafts. Illaman, Prav and Fatty decided to carve their own niche at the riotous frenzied point at which punk and grime meet, drawing on the parallels between the two genres to devastating effect. Now with the arrival of their debut album, the trio have cemented their position as one of the most rousing and important acts to emerge from the UK in recent times. The self-titled debut is a perfect encapsulation of everything that PENGSHUi stand for, packed to the rafters with the raw energy of their live shows, the humour and sheer entertainment of Illaman’s lyricism, the fierce antiestablishment spirit that permeates both punk and grime, and the absolute FUCK YOU attitude of three artists who are making exactly the type of music they want, because they can.
While the two main influences are prevalent throughout the album, we do hear other elements at play, with snippets of dubstep, hardcore and metal also coming into the mix. Production for the most part comes from Pete Cannon, who seems to have found precisely the right balance for the band, as he is accustomed to do, such is his golden ear for perfectly pairing beats with artists. A couple of notable guest appearances too, which only strengthen the album’s appeal, thanks to killer verses from Newham Generals’ own living legend, Footsie, and ex-Foreign Beggars anarchy merchant, Vulgatron. It’s been hard to find any downsides to the album and in fact my only real complaint, as I outlined on Twitter recently, is that it makes me want to start a pit everywhere I go, so much so that I felt like I was about three bars away from smashing a granny into the fresh produce section of Morrisons. You can hear the untethered brilliance of the LP in all its glory below, with physicals and downloads available over on Bandcamp. Also watch out for the PENGSHUi tour coming through a town near you soon, with the first show going down in Cardiff on 4 March.

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