Jester Jacobs x Formz: State Of The Art (Stream)

I am very pleased to announce the arrival of new music from Jester Jacobs, the first material we’ve heard from him since he turned his focus towards his increasingly successful stand-up career. I think the last project that surfaced, was his Truffle Barons collaboration with Luca Brazi, back in 2016, until today and the release of his latest EP.

For State Of The Art, the London-based MC has united with Blah affiliated producer, Formz, to deliver a nicely balanced blend of well crafted rap and comedy, without ever falling prey to the many pitfalls of full-blown comedy rap. Jacobs has always been a good MC and he is genuinely funny, plus his passion for rap music is evident in his performing, so even the most tongue in cheek material obviously comes from a place of admiration.

As you would expect, Formz is on top form with the production, knocking up a strong selection which range from trap bangers and wavy joints, to head-nod inducing drum-driven beats. There is also a notable appearance from Formz’s regular sparring partner, Sniff, who drops in on Supperclub.

You can hear the EP in full below and downloads are available over on Bandcamp.

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