Ded Tebiase & Ash The Author: APEX (Stream)

It’s great to be able to share the full album from Ded Tebiase and Ash The Author with you, having had it in heavy rotation for the past couple of weeks since it found its way into my inbox. If you’re familiar with Tebiase’s 2017 Landspeed LP, then you will no doubt also be familiar with the strength of his creative partnership with Ash, thanks to their initial collab, Yeah.
That track proved to be a very successful link up and proceeded to spawn APEX, which is more of that same modernist boom bap; head-nod anthems which should bridge the gap between so-called old and new heads. Features are sparse but on point, with Evil Ed and DJ Madhandz bringing their skill set to the mix, as well as C.A.M, Axel Holy (Baileys Brown’s rap alter ego) and Shogi Shinobi propping up the final cut from the album, Summit. APEX is out now on Village Live, with a few copies of the vinyl left in stock. You can find them over on the Village Live store, along with digital downloads and you can hear the album in full below.

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