Tom Caruana: Inner Space (Stream)

The mash up master, Tom Caruana, returns with another incredible project as he continues to blend areas of music that would otherwise remain perfect strangers. Following on from his earlier ventures, including Wu Tang vs. Hendrix and Wu Tang vs. The Beatles, the Tea Sea Records founder has now delved into the instrumentals of German experimental rock band, Can, who were one of the pioneers of the Krautrock explosion that occurred in the late-60s.
He has then blended those weird and wonderful instrumentals with a stack of acapellas from an exceedingly strong list of rap stars, including Edan, Percee P, Elzhi, Oddisee, DOOM, RTJ, Pharoahe Monch, Danny Brown and billy woods. Many of the acapellas used for the project are exclusives, which Caruana sourced directly from the artists themselves. As you might expect the result is an intriguing musical journey, with a highly varied selection of lyrical styles perfectly paired with their instrumental counterparts. Inner Space is out now on free digital download, which you can stream below, as well as cassette, CD and vinyl versions, which are available over on Bandcamp.

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