Baileys Brown ft. Lee Scott & Dabbla: Something Else Entirely (Not Human) + Album Stream

Very happy to finally be able to bring you the new Baileys Brown solo LP in all its genre-defying glory. If you’re already familiar with Baileys Brown’s work, you will know he is a producer who is not afraid to venture outside the normal constraints of a genre and draw on musical influences from other areas, to create unique soundscapes which are among some of the most ambitious in the UK right now. When he found a home at Potent Funk it seemed like the ideal setting for his exploits, thanks to their already established love of ‘hybrid rap shit’ and with that in mind, Still Fresh serves as the perfect label debut.

We had already been treated to a few singles from the album, including the recent grimy escapade, Gimme, featuring Brown’s long-term collaborator, Datkid and Potent Funk’s own, Dabbla and Reeboks which featured Datkid, Stinkin Slumrok and Brown’s rapping alter-ego, Axel Holy. The rest of the album maintains those same levels of strength, both lyrically and musically, thanks in part to the vast amount of talent that he has enlisted to assist him on the project. As well as the previous mentions, there are also guest spots from Anbu, Juga-Naut, Jinxsta, Hozay, Bil Next, Jay0117, LY, Conz, Jordan Nathaniel and Lee Scott, with the Blah cult leader making a triumphant appearance on Something Else Entirely, the video for which you can watch above. It was made by This & That Media and also features another killer verse from Dabbla.
Overall, Still Fresh is a triumph on many levels, be it the production, the range of lyrical styles, the experimentation, or Brown’s vision behind the boards, it is one of the most refreshing albums to emerge from these shores in a long time. You can listen to the full thing below and there are physicals available over at the Potent Funk store.

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