Chris Orrick: Out To Sea (Stream)

A few weeks ago we were treated to the arrival of a new album from one of my favourite artists at work right now. Chris Orrick has always been a very relatable MC for me, thanks to his lyrical, often misanthropic, explorations of working class life, addiction and even grief. He is one of a few artists who can bring me to tears with one song – Instinctive Drowning – and make me laugh with another – Porn & Milk. Out To Sea is the Detroit MC’s latest effort and it is another raw, honest journey inside his mind and his outlook on life. As Mello Music Group said of the album – “If it hurts to listen to this record, it should”. There are shots at the far right, a comment on feeling isolated from society and bursts of his aforementioned comedy, on tracks like Liquor Store Hustle. For me the album is the ideal soundtrack for the current climate in terms of politics, uncertainty and anger, as well as being a fine addition to Orrick’s pretty much flawless back catalogue. Out To Sea is available to stream in full below and you can find downloads over on Bandcamp.

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