billy woods & Kenny Segal: Hiding Places

Among the superb albums that graced our Friday last week, was the latest offering from billy woods. A favourite of mine for a while now, woods has gone and made what will no doubt go down as a classic and a definite high point in a career that is stacked with strong projects. And he hasn’t done it alone. For Hiding Places he has gone down the single producer route, as he previously did with Blockhead, this time joining forces with Kenny Segal. The pair have worked together before, with Segal providing some of the music for Armand Hammer and the union is definitely a winning one. There are also some appearances from a few names, including Self Jupiter, MOTHERMARY and ELUCID. woods is a lyricist, historian and social commentator, someone who’s bars need to be studied and on Hiding Places he has gone even deeper. The range of beats he’s selected are excellent too. From the wandering bassline on the album’s opener, Spongebob, to the synth laced haunting quality of A Day in a Week in a Year, Segal has created the perfect soundscapes for woods to expand his off kilter flows. Hiding Places is ready to stream below and you can also watch the first video from the album above.

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