Pitch 92: 3rd Culture (Stream)

Another blinding debut release right here, as Manchester-based producer, Pitch 92, drops his highly anticipated 3rd Culture album. It’s a debut for a producer who has long been a part of the UK scene, making a name for himself off the back of a string of solid collaborations alongside a number of artists including Verb T and more recently, DRS. He released his Lost in Space EP on High Focus last year to critical acclaim, but now he takes things up to new heights with this full-length project.
3rd Culture boasts a list of features formidable enough to dazzle any rap fan and it’s a list that is testament to the respect that Pitch has accrued across the breadth of the UK scene. It’s not just the names involved that make the album so impressive though, it’s the choice of collaborators on each track that makes 3rd Culture such a triumph. There is a track that features Sparkz, Foreign Beggars and Dr Syntax, which is possibly my favourite on the album and reunites artists who have had ties in the past. Foreign Beggars’ debut album was the first time I heard Syntax rap, then later him and Sparkz both featured heavily on the Mouse Outfit’s first album. Whether these links were in Pitch’s mind at the time remains to be seen, but hearing Syntax and Beggars on a track together again was a nice bit of nostalgia for me. Elsewhere Sparkz reappears on a joint with Jehst and LayFullStop, bridging the gap between those who helped pave the way for a lot of the rap we hear today and those who are on the crest of the new wave sweeping the UK. There are also appearances from The Four Owls, King Kashmere, Coops, Fliptrix, Verb T, DRS, Tyler Dayley, Jerome Thomas and MysDiggi, to name a few.
The beats themselves are greatly varied, but with a precision fit for each of the artists involved. So the jazzy neo soul riffs of Confused featuring Tyler Daley, sit nicely next to the more frantic, uptempo style of Drama with Beggars, Sparkz and Synners. Then there are straight up head nod masterpieces like Swoop featuring The Four Owls, or the previously released Humanoid with Kashmere, MysDiggi and Verb T.
In summary then, 3rd Culture is an important and exciting release – important because it unites artists from cities and areas who might not otherwise find themselves in the same studio and exciting because, well for pretty much the exact same reason. You can stream the album below and there are physicals available over at the High Focus store.

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