Hock Tu Down: Hock Tu 3 (Stream)

In a great end to a shit week, today sees the release of the new album from Hock Tu Down – aka Lee Scott and Reklews. The Blah OGs originally formed the duo back in 2009, when they released their Prozium Peddlin album, followed the year after by Something Strange. Both those projects proved popular and with good reason, as the duo’s brand of self-proclaimed paranoid druggy rap came with a chemistry that just made the music enjoyable – as with pretty much everything Blah puts out.
Happy to say that the enjoyment continues on this new album too, largely thanks to that same chemistry, but also in part cos of the features. Not only have they copped a guest spot from Milkavelli on Kit Bag and one from Jehst on Game On (complete with a Wayne’s World intro), but they have also brought in Quelle Chris and Nickelus F on the track Honest Daze. Reklews’s production is consistently banging – not just on this record but throughout his career – and Lee’s lyricism is as good as ever, accompanied by that nice underlying strand of humour. The whole album is available to stream below and you can find the vinyl edition over at the Blah store.

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