King Grubb: Droopy (Stream)

I’ve already shared a couple of tracks from the recently released debut solo album from King Grubb, but based on the strength of the entire project, I thought it only right you should experience it in its full glory.
Grubb is one of a few Blah OG artists who while maybe not as prevalent or prolific as their fellow cult members, no doubt have a dedicated fan base; a fan base who have been thirsting for a proper solo venture since the early COTD days. Luckily Droopy provides us with just that, with Grubb’s relaxed demeanour sparking seemingly effortless runs of wordplay.
The production is a definite asset to his style too, with in-house production trio, Nobodies Home, laying down 10 perfect musical foundations for Grubb to build on. There are a couple of features, one from Lee Scott – on Hot Dogs which I posted the video for last week – and also Sniff, who pops up on Oui Sag. Plus a nice appearance from Lyza Jane on the closing track. Rightfully though that leaves the main stage open for the King, who delivers an album that will satisfy his subjects, while piquing the interest of new fresh fans further afield. You can stream Droopy below, with downloads available via Blah.

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