D3DW8 x ANBU: Die Fly (Stream)

Ever since D3DW8 came onto the scene back in 2016, they have continually placed themselves in their own lane. That is not an easy feat these days, with so many soundalikes and carbon copies doing the rounds; even more so when you factor in that they hail from Bristol – a city overflowing with artists and encompassing a wide spectrum of genres, styles and sounds.
It’s been a couple of years since their debut, -21G$, was released, but I know for a fact that during that hiatus they have been plotting and building a number of different projects for our listening pleasure and now we have some new material to savour. Die Fly is the latest release, with Bew Bonik and Axel Holy taking care of all production and lyrics, with some more than able assistance from ANBU aka Flying Monk of Split Prophets fame. The result is four tracks of boundary pushing rap, with threads of grime and other electronic genres being heard throughout. You can stream the EP below and keep an eye out for downloads hitting their Bandcamp soon.

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