An Ode to Run the Jewels

Five years ago today this album was brought to life. I don’t think anyone at the time realised how big Run the Jewels would become in the years that followed, least of all El-P and Killer Mike themselves. The album was made for fun, according to El but it lead to them becoming one of the most popular hip hop acts in the world, with countless worldwide tours, a legion of die hard fans and even their own computer game characters. It also bred two more albums and hopefully a few more that are still to come.
I don’t think it’s any surprise that I became mildly obsessed with the movement (that’s what I do), having been a fan of El-P’s since the early days and being enthralled by Mike first on Stankonia, then on his RAP Music album. Somehow along the way I managed to come into contact with El-P, which lead to not only the chance to interview him (it is coming) but also got me to one of their shows and subsequently one of the best nights of my life. That is just a testament to how well they treat their fans though and an indicator of how much fun they’re having on this journey.
It’s a pleasure to see two artists who have given so much to the game before now, getting paid their rightful dues by their peers, fans and critics alike. Especially when they then use that platform to draw attention to the myriad of controversies and injustices that are ravaging the US right now. More power to Mike & El. And of course Trackstar too, who’s gotta be one the hardest working DJs out there and also a fan first and foremost, which makes his passion all the more genuine. Throw the pistol and fist.

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