Pengshui: Control

Reggae and punk sounded nothing alike, but found common ground in their anti-establishment themes. Bob Marley in particular found an affinity with the movement when he relocated to the UK, hence the song Punky Reggae Party on Exodus.
Same goes for grime and punk. The anti-establishment sentiment is prevalent once again and also the energy levels reach similar heights in both genres. That’s why I’m happy to see Pengshui come to life cos they are going to show us how those two worlds can unite & make some joyous mayhem.
Comprised of Illaman (vocals), Fatty (bass) and Pravvy Prav (drums), the trio are not only all acclaimed in their respective fields, but they are also all good friends which usually adds something positive to the mix in these situations. Control is their first video and gives you a good idea of the sort of energy they are bringing to the table – probably just before they upend it and smash it into splinters.
Lots more music to follow soon and keep an eye on various stages throughout festival season, as they are going to be hitting the road too.

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