Salar: Demigod Complex

Like so many of his 90’s rap predecessors, Salar is one of those talented cats who despite appearing on a whole load of different releases over the years and amassing something of a cult-like status in the process, has yet to put out a solo release. That is until now.
I know from speaking with the Blah MC in the past, that he has been steadily working on perfecting his solo album and now we seem to be nearing the fateful date, as today saw the release of a new solo video.
Demigod Complex is produced by the ever-prolific Swamp Harbour resident, Sam Zircon and the video was shot by regular collaborator, Slim Parisoo aka DEW8. The album even has a name now – I Wish I Was Still Smoking Opium In The Zagros Mountains – and is set for release sometime this year. Stay tuned for more news on that, as and when I get it.

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