High Focus 8th Birthday Party: Competition Time

Next month Bristol once again plays host to one of High Focus Record’s legendary parties. In the past the city has given a stage to their summer roadblocks and winter parties, but this time they will be one of two cities taking part in the label’s 8th birthday celebrations. Stepping away from their usual haunt of Lakota for this one, HF are headed to SWX in the centre of town. This means more room, better acoustics and a better sound system, which equals a better night for all involved.

As usual the line-up is full of crowd pleasers with the likes of The Four Owls, Dirty Dike, Strange U, Onoe Caponoe and Ed Scissor, being joined by local representatives Datkid, Res One and Badhabitz. There will also be top shelf DJ action from Pete Cannon, Sammy B-Side, Jazz T, Badhabitz and Molotov, among others. The full line-up can be seen above, in all its glory.

With High Focus being the nice bunch they are, I am lucky enough to be able to give away two guest list spots for the party, so you & a friend can get to come and join your favourite rap entities for a night of dope and most likely debauchery.

All you need to do to win is answer the following question: Who was the latest artist to be signed to High Focus?

Stick your answer in an email, along with your full name and send it to allgingereverything@gmail.com

The winner will be notified on 5 March.

There are still a few tickets left for the event, which you can find here: https://www.ticketarena.co.uk/events/High-Focus-Re-30

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