B-Movie Millionaires: Attack Of The 50,000ft SWEG LAWDS from Outerspace

When they first arrived in our lives, the B-Movie Millionaires brought with them a rough and rugged jewel of an EP, that had been created in a kitchen in one night. Now they are back with a another project and they are older, arguably wiser, but guess what? The new album was still made in a kitchen in just one sitting. But don’t take that to mean that this any sort of slapdash, half arsed rap record, laa. This is Lee Scott and Black Josh at their most entertaining, backed up with some great production from Swamp Harbour’s resident producer, Sam Zircon aka Goosewater.
Zircon’s beats dip their toes into experimental waters just enough to provide an extra layer of intrigue, without going too far into the left field, where there is a danger of things ending up sounding convoluted. They provide the ideal backdrop for Lee and Josh to bring forth 10 tracks worth of bars that are laced with enough humour and random cultural references (Spuggy from Geordie Racer gets a shout out) to make the whole project a fucking joy to listen to from start to finish.
Highlights for me include Cult Hoegun – if only for Lee’s style on the hook, Sw£g Level 9000 – which features an always welcome appearance from Bill Shakes, Whatchusayin – a clever little track dedicated to the art of procrastination and never really making a point and River Phoenix – a little swipe at the idea of fame, including Lee channeling Bowie on the hook.
The album is available for pre-order now, with the official release date slated for 16 January. You can find more info over at the Blah store.

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