Dubbul O x Mankub: Smoka-Motiv

The Manchester wave has been more powerful than ever recently, with the city churning out more and more quality material from their seemingly endless supply of top notch artists. Smoka-Motive sits happily on top of the crest of that wave, with Dubbul O cooking up four tracks of sublime hip hop alongside long-term friend and collaborator, Mankub.
The pair are both affiliates of Manchester rap collective, Mothership Connection, so their reputations for bringing the goods should precede them. Mankub’s concoctions range from syncopated jazzy riffs, to straight up head nod boom bap, giving the ideal foundation for Dubbul O to demonstrate his dexterity on the mic, as he switches up his flows seamlessly throughout.
Given the levels set by Dubbul O and Mankub, it seems only right that the only feature on the EP comes from another of MCR’s hottest properties. Children of Zeus vocalist and MC, Tyler Daley, brings his ample talents to the mix on Do All You Can. All in all, Smoka-Motive provides a great escape from the bullshit circulating the planet right now, be it in music, politics or just humanity in general. To paraphrase, turn on, tune in and smoke out. The EP is available to buy now via Room2 Records and you can check out the first video for In The Mix below.

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