billy woods: Keloid

If you pay attention to me on social media, you will know I’m a bit obsessed with billy woods. Last time I got this deep into someone’s lyricism was Aesop Rock and that’s never really dissipated, so I expect to be geeking out for the rest of my life on woods.
This year he released his second album with the inimitable Blockhead, called Known Unknowns. It is probably going to be my favourite record of the year and possibly my favourite woods record of all time. The latest video is a good example of why. woods is a poet, as much as a rapper and Keloid features some of that poetic quality with lines like – “Told the cops we rap singers, they said we dead ringers, smell of the wax lingers. Watched my man smoke till the cracks was finished, best among us ended up broken and splintered.”
The video was shot by Joseph and the cuts were provided by MI Niklz. Known Unknowns is available now over at the Backwoodz Studioz store.

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