Lunar C is quite a character. If you follow him on social media, or watch any of his old battles, or have had any sort of interaction at any point in life, you will know what I mean. He is also a fucking good MC and has new mixtape out, as well a debut LP en route. I had a quick chat with him about all that rap stuff.

You just released your new mixtape, Jake. What can we expect from the project? Is it all new music?

Yes other than Mug it’s all unreleased music that nobody’s heard, although there’s tracks I made like three years ago on there, as well as tracks I’ve made in the last few months. This is a mixtape and my album is coming, but I think people are gonna treat this like an album too, that’s the reaction I’ve had from people I’ve shown it to.

I’ve seen a lot of battle rappers try to make the transition into the regular rap game without much success and I’ve seen regular rappers fail on the battle circuit. Did you find it hard moving between the two scenes?

I dunno, yes in a way. There is definitely a cliche that battle rappers can’t make music and it’s usually true, but battling also got me hype and gave me a good start. There are some all-round sick MCs who can battle as well as make music and I just see myself as one of them, not a battle rapper.

Do you think your experiences in both scenes gave you an upper-hand compared with MCs who just stay in one lane?

In terms of bars and just being better at rapping yes, but when it comes to making a name not really the scenes are very different

I think it’s fair to say you’re one of the most outspoken rappers in the UK right now. Are some of the things you say specifically said to get a rise out of certain people, or are you just being 100% genuine the whole time?

I’m not a troll if that’s what you mean [laughs], but I don’t think being outspoken is a bad thing. I dunno why people moan online. I thought that’s what Twitter was for, to share your opinions and shit. I think I just put things bluntly and try to make a joke out of things, but I think I make my views on most things very clear and I think that’s good.

As you’ve got more well-known over the years, has anyone tried to get you to tone it down, like a management team or label heads?

Erm not really. My manager has been with me for a long time and gets what I am trying to do and that I’m a bit of a dickhead. He’s a G and my label knew what they was getting themselves into when they signed me too [laughs].

I interviewed your old friend Hashfinger not long ago and he mentioned the crew you guys used to be back in the day. I know Hash used to rap back then too, so I was wondering if you ever wanted to make beats at any point, or were you always fully focused on being a rapper?

Yeah I’ve dabbled, but I don’t have the concentration to stick to anything other than rapping, man. My beats would be dog shit.

You’ve collaborated with some great names over the years, both MCs and producers. If you had to make your last album now though, but could only have one producer and one feature, who would you choose?

Hmmm would probably get Redman on an Alchemist beat. Or Rick Ross on whatever the fuck them fire beats are that he gets. I should look that up.

What’s next after the Jake release is out of the way?

My album! That’s all I’m focused on right now – promoting JAKE, while finishing my Debut album!

Any final words or shout outs?

Yes shout out to anyone who’s gonna check my mixtape and is waiting on the album. I love some of you.


JAKE is available to buy and stream here.