Run The Jewels ft. Isaiah Dreads: Down (U.K. Remix)

El-P mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago that there was an RTJ remix on the way, featuring a British MC. I’ve been speculating ever since and the general consensus between me and everyone who put their twopence in was that it would be a grime MC, a) cos we know El is a big fan of the genre and b) cos if it was anyone from UK hip hop, its likely something would have come on to my radar already.
This week the speculation came to an end, as the UK remix of Down was released and it is most definitely a grime rendition, with production from Z Dot and a hefty verse from Isaiah Dreads. Unsurprisingly the comments section on YouTube has been 99% negative, with confused RTJ fans finding the production too far removed from the original for their liking. Also a lot of comments regarding Isaiah’s verse and how it doesn’t belong on the track.
Hate to break it to you guys, but it’s a grime beat and he’s a grime MC. IT FITS LIKE A GLOVE. My favourite overreaction was this gem: “good song transformed to generic fuccboi trash”. This is why I don’t like purists cos they would prefer a genre to stay as it is and stagnate, rather than fusing with other genres and influences to create whole new worlds of sound. As if El-P, the very man who orchestrated this remix, hasn’t been doing that for years anyway (remember the old YT comments when C4C dropped saying he’d stolen the dubstep sound? Lol).
Dinosaurs like that only slow down progress. Grime is our music and it also seems to be our way of finally connecting with the US rap scene on a collaborative level, so I welcome projects like this and look forward to hearing more artists on both sides of the Atlantic follow suit.

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