Manchester With Love

Since the events in Manchester a few weeks ago, the outpourings of love and charity for the city have been inspiring to say the least. Especially with division and hate seeming to be at an all-time high in the UK right now. Up there with the best of them is this new compilation, Manchester With Love.
Featuring over 220 tracks, from Manchester’s musical community, this album does two things – it shows the rich diversity and unity within the various Manchester scenes, plus it also shows that the great city and it’s residents will not be brought down or divided by these horrendous acts.
There are many people who are seeking to use recent events for their own gains, be they political or otherwise, so it is important now more than ever, that we show these stains on humanity that we can overcome them and love will continue to conquer hate. Projects like Manchester With Love are a key part of that retaliation.
Artists involved include 808 State, Fingathing, Dub Phizix, DRS, Fallacy, The Bluntskins and Black Josh, but that list doesn’t even really touch on the different styles and sounds that you find as you work through the project. The album is available to buy now for the sum of £10, which will go to the Red Cross’ fund for MCR and for 226 tracks, there really is no argument against getting involved. You can stream the project below and downloads are available here.

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