You can always rely on Now Again for an intriguing release and their latest compilation is exactly that. During the 70s, Zambia was surrounded by war and while it managed to remain conflict free itself, the country fell into poverty and isolation. It was then that Zambia’s rock revolution went from strength to strength; as is so often the case when people face hardship, they turn to creative expression.
The result was a melting pot of influences from James Brown to Jimi and a penchant for bleak subject matter. Unfortunately not many of the pioneers of this period have survived, due to the AIDS epidemic and massive bouts of inflation forcing people to leave the country. However, the music lives on and Now Again have captured some of the best known songs across this two volume release. The album also comes with a 108 page hardback book, which further details the history and future of the musical movement, as well as much of the album artwork from the era.
The official release date for the compilation is 23 June, with pre-orders available here. You can also sample some of the wares below.