Dutch Mob ft. Ed O.G: One Percent + EP News

Big tune from the Dutch Mob boys as they celebrate the release of their long awaited Passport EP, with this slick new video for One Percent. Featuring Boston rap veteran, Ed O.G, One Percent is produced by Illinformed, with Chris Lucas (Arun Productions) behind the camera. It’s good to finally see the EP reach the masses. I know how much work has gone into it and they have taken their time to make sure everything was on point. It’s worked a treat.
Drawing on the New York influences that inspired the project in the first place, while still being undeniably attached to the Bristol scene, the EP is easily one of the strongest recent releases to emerge from a city jam-packed with creative talent. But then given the background of Res and Mistafire though, you would expect nothing less.
The EP features production from Illinformed, Badhabitz and Don Piper, as well as features from both sides of the Atlantic including Jman, Slackjaw, L.I.F.E Long, King RA and Datkid. It was officially released on Friday and signifies the start of a long-run for the Dutch Mob, so expect to hear a lot more from them in the future. You can buy the EP now over on Bandcamp.

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