Gatecrasherz: Uninvited

Another day and another supergroup, as Revorg Records’ Gatecrasherz unleash their debut LP on the world. The five man crew is comprised of Downstroke, Gee Bag, Oliver Sudden, Jack Diggs and Big Toast, so we know the quality is going to be high and we have already had a couple of tasters, thanks to their lead singles, Say Rah and 2-3 Break.
Pleased to say that the rest of the project follows suit, with the Revorg brand of attitude on display throughout and reaching its peak on tracks like Pardonnez Mon Francais and Beat Down. The latter of those two tracks features another local boy, Cracker Jon, as well as Split Prophets’ very own Datkid and is probably one of my favourites from the LP.
As I said before, the whole thing is a success and the fact that these guys have collaborated for so long prior to this is more than evident. There have been projects like this in the past where supergroups have formed without seeming to take into account what the different artists would actually sound like on a track together. Building on already established foundations is always a touch.
Uninvited is available to stream below and you can download it on the Revorg Bandcamp.

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