Strange U: #LP4080


Tomorrow sees the arrival of arguably one of the most anticipated albums of recent times, as Strange U release their debut LP on High Focus. For the past few years Kashmere & Dr Zygote have been making brilliantly weird and unique rap, building up something of a cult following in the process. The two are no strangers to the scene, thanks to years of solo work behind the mic for Kashmere and behind the boards for Zygote, but Strange U seems to have given the pair a new lease of energy, resulting in some of the best music they have ever made.
Kashmere’s lyricism reminds me of a combination of MF Doom’s cadence and style, mixed with Kool Keith’s content – mainly thanks to the numerous references to sex and robots, and sex with robots. Combine that with Zygote’s left field electronic pallet of monstrous beats and you get a crew who found their niche and widened it into a welcoming valley of surreal imagery and genuinely amusing content.
We have already had the pleasure of a few tasters from the album, including the brilliantly timed Mr Kill, Bullet Proof Mustache with Lee Scott and more recently, Zuul, with Notts favourite, Cappo. All of those are album highlights for me, alongside the opening barrage of Terminator Funk, the synth heavy Technodrome and the self-deprecating anthem, Waste of Space.
To be honest thought the whole album is highlight and one which couldn’t come sooner in these trying times, when we all need to chill the fuck out a bit and take our minds off the imminent apocalypse. At least now we’ve got our soundtrack.
#LP4080 is out tomorrow on High Focus Records and is available to order here.

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