Tuxedo: Fux with the Tux EP


Well this just brightened up my Sunday no end, which I think we all could do with right about now. If you don’t know, Tuxedo is the disco funk brainchild of Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne – aka Taurus & Aquarius – and they have just released a new EP, Fux with the Tux. If you’re familiar with Hawthorne’s previous releases, you will know the style, but this is very different to a lot of Jake Ones back catalogue. Like most people I know him from his hip hop production, including the underground classic, White Van Music. But like any dope producer, Jake One seems to be able to master any sound and genre he puts his mind to. They released an album a couple of years ago, after three tracks found their way online and now they are back with three more tracks, all dripping in funk and disco flavours. You can stream the project below and you can buy it over at the Stones Throw store. There is also another album scheduled for release, so keep an eye out for that.

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