In Memory of 7th Dan


It came as sad news to me and the hip hop world when the death of 7th Dan was announced recently. I had been lucky enough to meet him and speak with him over the years and it was always apparent to me how much of a good soul he was. He has also been responsible for making some fantastic music, as I’m sure you will all have experienced at some point. His track with Stinkin Slumrok and Morriarchi remains one of my favourites to this day and his work with Triple Darkness was a key part of their success in my opinion.
He leaves behind his long-term partner and their young daughter and due to the sudden nature of his death, they were understandably shocked and unprepared for what happened. His partner, Willow, has started a fundraiser to enable them to give Dan a proper send off and also to provide some financial support for their daughter. They have a target of £6000 and have already managed to raise almost £2500 in one day, such was the love and respect for Dan. Obviously if we can raise more than that it would be a huge help to his family and so I ask that you please consider making a donation, however small. You can find more details here, as well as a personal message from Willow.

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