Skrabl: The Emperor’s New Garms


Very impressive release from Skrabl, as he delivered his new album yesterday. The Emperor’s New Garms is the third album we’ve heard from him and it was always apparent he was a ferocious MC, but that ferocity has been taken up to 11 on this new LP. It is produced by Oozhe, who has been responsible for a lot of quality beats that have emerged over the last few years and his game is as point as ever on this project.
There are some good features too, including one from Dotz on the hard as fuck opener, Barbarous Acts and Gee Bag, who makes a notable appearance on DunDunDun. Plus Si Phili, Wordsmiff Flip & JabbaThaKut all get on board Guano. The album runs the gamut of emotions too, with straight up battle rhymes sitting next to self-searching bars. The whole thing is a treat to be honest and something that should not be overlooked, especially by his peers cos this is a sure sign Skrabl is taking this game seriously.
The album is available to stream below, with downloads available here.

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