The Du-Rites: Album Release & Mini-Documentary

duriteA couple of weeks ago I wrote a little bit about the forthcoming album from The Du-Rites and gave you a sample of what to expect from the full project.
Well that project has now seen the light of day and what a triumph it is. It is primarily an instrumental funk album, but with enough samples flips to walk the line between funk and hip hop with its head held high, knowing that it is at the top of its game.
J-Zone and Pablo work exceedingly well together, playing with the sort of cohesion that it takes some musicians forever to find. There are echoes of some of funk’s great predecessors, with the likes of Cymande and Ohio Players coming to my memory as I made my way through the album.
All in all this has the shapings of a modern classic and I hope to hear more from the duo in the future. Interested to hear what else comes from this fresh direction that J-Zone’s career has taken. You can buy the album from all the usual spots, including their Bandcamp and you can stream the full thing below. There is also a mini-documentary which gives a bit more insight into the collaboration.

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